IBAA Mentor Program

Look back on your aviation career and you can find at least one, maybe many, people who have impacted your career.  Maybe it was a CFI who told you had a knack for flying, maybe it was a relative who took you on that first flight, the captain who let you come visit the cockpit on a family vacation, or that mechanic that let you hang around the shop.  Whoever it was, take a minute and remember the impact that person had.  How can you pay that forward?

IBAA has partnered with The University of Dubuque, Indian Hills Community College, Iowa Lakes Community College, Iowa Western Community College, Des Moines Area Community College, and Des Moines Public Schools to form our Mentor Program.  This program pairs aviation students with our members to act as a first point of contact within the industry.  If you are a business aviation professional we ask that you take a moment to sign up to be a Mentor to the next generation of pilots, mechanics and aviation professionals.  Involvement can be as much or as little as you'd like; a phone call to introduce yourself and swap contact info, a cup of coffee in the hangar, or even taking them for a ride on a dead-leg.  Giving a few minutes of your time can have a big impact on a young professional so please register.  Whether you are a pilot, mechanic, airport manager, dispatcher or scheduler, there are students who are looking to make contacts.  

Contact Nate Booth to be added to the Mentor database and paired with a student.  

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